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'Tiny Wings' creator says his next game will be completed in 'less than three weeks'

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Andreas Illiger, the developer of Tiny Wings, says his next game for the iOS platform is due to be completed in less than three weeks.

Tiny Wings iPhone
Tiny Wings iPhone

There was a time when Andreas Illiger's Tiny Wings stood atop the iTunes App Store charts, besting other iOS heavyweights like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. The game's unique artwork and momentum-based gameplay proved addicting to millions of iPhone owners. That success has cooled some in recent months (Tiny Wings currently ranks 37th among top paid iPhone apps in the US), so news that Illiger's next project is just around the corner seems appropriately timed.

In an interview with Flow Studio, Illiger reveals that work on the game should be wrapped up in "less than three weeks" time following more than ten months of development. Based on Tiny Wings' staggering success, it should come as no surprise that he'll be sticking with Apple's platform for the next go-round. Other than that, Illiger provides virtually no other details on what fans can expect from his latest work, though he does reflect on the effects producing an App Store smash hit had on his ordinarily quiet lifestyle.

"Suddenly the whole world went to my room and everybody wanted something: to buy me, to buy the license, sell merchandising stuff, make cinema movie. It was totally crazy," he says. In a show of modesty, Illiger claims the only major purchase he's made with the presumably-massive profits that came from Tiny Wings has been a new computer. "I am still the guy I was before Tiny Wings and I just want to make cool games, that’s my passion," he says. But one crucial question remains: will his next "cool game" be available for iPad?