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Samsung Focus 2 hands-on video and photos

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Gallery Photo: Samsung Focus 2 hands-on
Gallery Photo: Samsung Focus 2 hands-on

We just got a few minutes with Samsung's Focus 2, the third LTE-enabled Windows Phone to hit AT&T's lineup (after the recent HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900). Though it's technically thick at nearly 11 millimeters, it actually doesn't feel that bad in the hand — the curving of the edges actually gives it a slimmer profile that the numbers would have you believe. It's actually thinner than the Lumia 900 by the narrowest of margins, but with the Nokia's larger display, it looks a bit less pudgy than Samsung's latest effort.

As for software, there's not much to say — this is a standard Windows Phone 7.5 load, and as with all Windows Phones, this one feels smooth. AT&T LTE is fortunately live in New Orleans, so these Focus 2s are benefiting (as are we).

At $49.99, we'll admit, the design of the Focus 2 is more appealing in this price category than we expected, and it feels solidly-built (as Samsungs go). The only problem is that the Lumia 900 — a bolder design by any definition — is already regularly being sold for $50 or even free on contract, and that leaves a device like this with very little raison d'être.

Compare this: Focus 2 vs. Focus vs. Titan II vs. Lumia 900