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Google to roll out Hangouts On Air livestreaming for all Google+ members

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Google has announced that it will be rolling out Hangouts On Air, which lets users broadcast group video chats live on the web, to all Google+ users in the coming weeks.

google hangouts on air screencap
google hangouts on air screencap

Google today announced that the company in the process of expanding its Hangouts On Air feature to all Google+ users worldwide. That means anyone and everyone will soon have the ability to broadcast group Hangout sessions to the internet at large simply by toggling an "Enable Hangouts On Air" checkbox. When it launched last year, the functionality was available only to a select number of partners: the President of the United States took part in a livestream back in January, for example. Others used the feature as a vehicle for reaching new viewers with live cooking lessonsand concerts.

With the full rollout, any member of Google+ will be able to deliver live footage to viewers via their Google+ stream, YouTube channel, or by embedding the Hangout video on an external site. Upon the end of each broadcast, a copy of the video is automatically uploaded to YouTube and Google+ for on-demand viewing. Google concedes that the process of bringing live streaming capabilities to millions of users will take time, but all Google+ users should see the new feature "within the next few weeks." In the meantime, why not take a gander at what's streaming right at this very moment?