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Real-life transforming robot car puts Hasbro toys to shame

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JS Robotics built a transforming robot car that's fast and agile, just like your 10-year self would have wanted it.

For once, we're using the word "Transformer" to mean exactly what you'd expect: not a tablet, toy, lawsuit, video game, or movie. No, this is a small car that automatically turns into a genuine working robot, does so with speed and grace you've only dreamed of before, and then proceeds to punch and uppercut its way through any would-be Decepticons. The work of Kenji Ishida at JS Robotics in Japan, it uses 22 servo motors in all, and is apparently the eighth attempt to build a credible Sideswipe equivalent. Who wants to see version nine? For now, we'll make do with the video below. Also see: this Metroid-esque transforming ball.

Thanks, Henry Wong!


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