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Nevada DMV grants first self-driving car testing license to Google

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Under the new rules and regulations it adopted in February, Nevada has approved the first test license for a self-driving car to Google.

Google self-driving car in Nevada
Google self-driving car in Nevada

Nevada has been making a name for itself lately, becoming the first state to put in place rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles last February. It's now moved on to the next step, approving the first testing license under the new rules, and it's going straight to Google. Under the new laws, the self-driving car will be fitted with a special red license plate featuring an infinity symbol for easy recognition. While this is an important step, we're still a long way off from an autonomous automotive utopia: the vehicles require two passengers at all times, and the areas in which they can be driven is tightly regulated for the moment. Should Nevada's foray go well, however, there's little doubt other states will follow suit. Google certainly thinks so, at least, with the project's lead recently stating that he anticipates the company's self-driving car system to be available "much sooner than the next decade."