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Purported Samsung-made Tizen reference hardware spotted (update: video)

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Tizen Talk has spotted what could be Samsung-manufactured reference hardware for the open-source Tizen operating system.

Purported Samsung-made Tizen reference hardware (TIZEN TALK)
Purported Samsung-made Tizen reference hardware (TIZEN TALK)

The Linux-based open-source software platform Tizen hit its 1.0 source code and SDK release last week and now we may be getting our first look at reference hardware running the OS. Tizen Talk spotted the smartphone at the Tizen Developer Conference taking place this week in San Francisco, stating that several different companies are using the device for demos on the show floor. It's reportedly made by Samsung — the photograph above is said to have been taken at the company's own booth — and allegedly has an ARM-based 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Filling out the technical picture a bit futher, Netbooknews reports that the device boasts a 4.3-inch display. Earlier today Sprint announced that it would be the first North American carrier to join the Tizen Association, and we expect there will be a number of enticing Tizen-related announcements over the course of the conference. Perhaps we'll get some more information about this mystery hardware tomorrow when Samsung's Jong-Deok Choi takes the stage for the morning's keynote.

Update: The Handheld Blog has posted video of the device, providing a quick look at its capabilities. It's clear that this is software in its early stages, but we do learn that the 4.3-inch display features a 1024 x 720 resolution.