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Mark Zuckerberg's CEO skills examined ahead of Facebook IPO

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Writing for New York Magazine, Henry Blodget takes a look at Mark Zuckerburg's role in Facebook's rise, believing the CEO's readiness to "move fast and break things" has been critical to the company's success.

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facebook logo 1020

With Facebook's IPO looming just a few days away, and given CEO Mark Zuckerberg's controlling position vis-a-vis the company's voting stock, he's been under even more scrutiny than usual. Writing for New York Magazine, investor and Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget dissects Zuckerberg's track record, picking apart his skills as a manager, and laying out how big of a part he played in the company’s rise. Blodget believes the CEO's willingness to learn, and "natural feel for the tech business" — a readiness to "move fast and break things" — have been critical to the company’s success.

Elsewhere, Paul Ford takes a look at a world with complete Facebook user saturation, believing "it is going to suck." Ford thinks that since so many people use Facebook to sign into other services it’s bound to keep growing, but once it crests, the solely profit-driven organization it becomes will "need to find new ways of slicing and dicing humanity into different groups that will respond to marketing."