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List of BlackBerry 10 devices in Dev Alpha loses Milan and Lisbon, adds Naples and Nashville

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A list of BlackBerry 10 devices can be found inside the dev preview OS, claims N4BB. The list contains nine devices, including the new-to-our-ears Nashville and Naples.

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We’ve seen a lot in the more than six months since RIM’s 2012 roadmap for BlackBerry 10 devices leaked; most recently a developer build of the new operating system running on a PlayBook-like testing handset. Found within that OS, says N4BB, are references to nine other BlackBerry 10 devices — some of which like the London we’re already familiar with, and others like the Naples and Nashville are new to our ears. Here’s the whole list:

  • Nevada
  • Winchester2 LTE
  • Winchester2 HSPA+
  • Winchester2 LTE HSPA+
  • Colt
  • London
  • Blackforest
  • Nashville
  • Naples

We’ve heard a variety of names in the past few months, but this new list would mean that the Lisbon and Milan are gone, replaced by (or perhaps re-codenamed as) the Nashville and Naples. We've heard the Blackforest name tied to a rumored 10-inch tablet in the past, and with the current PlayBook slated to get BlackBerry 10 and RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins announcing an LTE PlayBook sometime later in the year, chances are good that the Winchester2 is that refreshed PlayBook, assuming the list is legit.