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Good Deal: Refurbished iPad and iPad 2 prices cut by around 10 percent, starting at $319

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Apple has cut the prices of its refurbished iPads and iPad 2s, knocking between $20 and $50 off each model.

iPad Good Deal
iPad Good Deal

Apple is now selling its refurbished iPads for even less, having cut the prices by around 10 percent across the board, or between $20 and $50 depending upon the model. This discount means that you can now net a first-generation 32GB Wi-Fi iPad for $349, saving $50 on previous pricing, while the 64GB Wi-Fi+3G iPad 2 has also seen a $50 cut down to $629. As with all refurbished Apple gear, the iPads have been fully tested and come with a one-year warranty, though you'll need to be quick: the stock of 16GB first-generation iPads has already sold out. Right now there are no Retina display-bearing third generation iPads available, but this is still a great offer considering the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 was selling for $419 back in December and it's now available for $319.