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Nokia releases City Lens augmented reality beta app for Lumia Windows Phones

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Nokia has released its City Lens augmented reality application for Lumia Windows Phones.

Nokia City Lens Windows Phone
Nokia City Lens Windows Phone

Nokia first demonstrated its Windows Phone version of City Lens at CES earlier this year, but the company is releasing a beta form of the augmented reality application this week. Based on the experimental Symbian version, Nokia City Lens for Windows Phone works as an augmented reality browser to discover surrounding points of interest via the phone's camera.

Using the camera viewfinder view, restaurants, hotels, shops, and other areas of interest are displayed on the device's screen in typical augmented reality style, but Nokia has also added in a list and maps view for use when the device is in portrait mode. Apart from highlighting what's nearby, Nokia City Lens also provides reviews, directions, opening hours, and other useful information for points of interest. The application is available now for Lumia Windows Phone owners through Nokia's beta labs site.