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Warner Brothers starts selling 1080p movies on iTunes

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Warner Brothers has joined Universal, Disney, and Sony in making its movies available in 1080p on iTunes.

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iTunes 10.6 added the ability to download 1080p movies from the iTunes Store, and now Warner Brothers has belatedly jumped on board with a selection of movies now available in 1080p. The new additions were discovered by Xverse10, and include recent blockbusters like The Dark Night, classics like Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series, and pre-orders on newer films like Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows. Right now it seems that Warner's 1080p titles are only available in the US, and the UK and Canada are yet to offer 1080p videos at all. This will come as good news to owners of the updated Apple TV, as it broadens the range of content easily accessible from the 1080p-capable device, and films are $14.99 to buy or $3.99 to rent. Warner joins Universal, Disney, and Sony Pictures in offering the full HD movies via iTunes.