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Watch this: Animated tutorial reveals how to survive the forthcoming robot rebellion

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Author David H. Wilson teamed with Epipheo studios to produce an animated short detailing the upcoming robot apocalypse and offering strategies for human survival.


We live in a golden age where technology helps us accomplish miraculous things each day. But if you're a believer in the inevitable robot uprising, you know that things will eventually turn very bad, very quickly. In the interest of being prepared, we'd go so far as to label How To Survive A Robot Uprising as essential viewing. In a bit of promotional work for his New York Times bestselling novel Robopocalypse, Daniel H. Wilson teamed with Epipheo studios to offer advice when it comes to recognizing that the robot revolution has begun, and the strategies the human race will need to master in order to fight back. Wilson's words are accompanied by some nice animation work by the Epipheo team that illustrates everything you'll need to know — that is, if you've got any hopes of survival.