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Rimac shows $980,000 electric Concept_One supercar in action with new teaser trailer

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Rimac is hoping to quiet some of the doubters with a new trailer that shows off its sleek Concept_One supercar in action.

Rimac Automobili Concept One
Rimac Automobili Concept One

It's easy to be skeptical about Rimac's Concept_One electric supercar — not only is it being built by a company you've probably never heard of, but it also boasts some impressive specs, including the equivalent of 1088 horsepower and a 600 kilometer electric range. To help put some of those doubts to rest, Rimac is putting together a video to show off just what 88 lucky owners will be getting for their $980,000. You can check out a teaser below, which shows that the car is indeed real and can apparently drive rather quickly: Rimac calls it "a little preview" for an upcoming Concept_One video that we can expect to see "soon." And while the teaser doesn't prove any of Rimac's lofty claims, it at least shows that the Concept_One is a functioning vehicle, which should come as a relief to those of us that spent nearly $1 million to reserve one.