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Google Play Store crosses 15 billion downloads milestone

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Android users have downloaded more than 15 billion apps from Google's Play Store

Google Play logo
Google Play logo

Google's Play Store has now served more than 15 billion downloads. The folks in Mountain View filled TechCrunch in on the milestone yesterday, though it appears Google actually crossed the number "weeks ago" without much fanfare. The store hit 10 billion downloads back in December — when Play still carried its original Android Market branding — and Google indicated they were seeing downloads increase by a billion each month. Based on that pattern, the 15 billion threshold was surpassed slightly ahead of schedule.

Android's ecosystem is clearly expanding at a healthy clip, but that's not to say there's no room for improvement. Apple's iOS App Store (which launched several months before Google's offering) reached 15 billion downloads in July of last year, and celebrated breaking the 25 billion barrier back in March. Microsoft, currently in the midst of "cleaning up" its Windows Phone Marketplace, has refrained from discussing overall app downloads — surely dwarfed by the competition — opting instead to highlight a growing catalog and rapid international expansion.