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Nokia announces exclusive Lumia Windows Phone apps: PGA Tour, ESPN, Groupon, and more

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Nokia has announced a range of new exclusive applications for its Lumia Windows Phone devices.

Lumia 900 white
Lumia 900 white

Nokia kicked off its CTIA 2012 announcements with a range of new app partnerships today. The Finnish smartphone maker has partnered with PGA Tour to bring the popular game to its range of Lumia Windows Phone devices from June 2012 in an exclusive 12 month deal. Lumia phones will also get ESPN exclusively until May 2013, Groupon's updated app and AOL's Entertainment hub exclusively for six months from launch, and Tripdots as an exclusive title for three months from launch.

Alongside the exclusives, Nokia also announced that Rovio is developing a Windows Phone version of Angry Birds Space and also plans to bring future titles to the platform "as soon as possible." PayPal, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and Box all announced plans to create Windows Phone apps today and EA says it will continue to release Windows Phone games, including FIFA, Madden NFL, and NBA Jam. Windows Phone's lack of top applications has been a discussion point of the platform for a number of months now, and today's announcements demonstrate that both Nokia and Microsoft are serious about closing the app gap with some marketing investments and partnerships.