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High school principal may have resigned for spying on students with fake Facebook account

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A high school principal has resigned, possibly for spying on students with a fake Facebook account.

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In the St. Louis suburb of Clayton, Missouri, a high school principal has resigned, possibly for keeping track of students through a fake Facebook profile. The specific reasoning behind the resignation wasn't revealed, but the school district told that principal Louise Losos would officially resign on June 30th due to "a fundamental dispute concerning the appropriate use of social media." Losos is accused of operating an account under the name of "Suzy Harriston," which was friends with a number of students from her high school. However, no student under that name actually attended Clayton High School during the last two years and the profile itself featured a generic picture of some penguins.

The connection between the account and the principal was made by a former student, and the profile was reportedly deleted not long after the accusatory message was posted on Facebook. While we don't know for sure that Losos was dismissed — a spokesman for the school said her leaving was "both a personal issue for Louise and a personnel matter" — Clayton isn't the only school to have issues with students and teachers interacting through social media. In fact, the New York City Department of Education recently unveiled a new set of guidelines to govern social media use and warn teachers against contacting their students through Facebook or Twitter.