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Play this: 'Tambour'

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Tambour lets you use real instruments to control an action-heavy multiplayer rhythm game.


While some traditional music games are eschewing peripherals, indie developer Possible Metrics is going in the opposite direction with Tambour. The newly released game tasks you with using your sense of rhythm to match beats sent your way by an opponent, which can be of either the computer-controlled or human variety. And while you can play Tambour using a keyboard, the game also supports both MIDI equipment and live musical instruments, giving you a wide range of control options — the trailer below shows just how intense drum kit-versus-drum kit action can be. The full game includes 10 levels and both single and multiplayer modes, and you can even import your own music to play around with. Tambour is available for both Windows and Mac for $7.99, and you can also grab a free three-level demo from the source link below to try before you buy.