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Nokia aware of purple screen issue affecting some Lumia 900 hardware, plans software fix

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Nokia will be releasing a software update to address a bug that causes the display on its Lumia 900 to take on a purplish hue under low brightness settings.

lumia main pic
lumia main pic

Nokia plans to release a software update to alleviate screen discoloration issues that have plagued a number of Lumia 900 handsets since launch. The company acknowledged the problem via Twitter in response to a frustrated owner's complaints. Alex Rodriguez Jr. has gone through a number of replacement devices, and they've each suffered from the same defect: when the display brightness is lowered significantly, the Lumia 900 takes on an unpleasant purplish hue.

This isn't the first time Nokia has faced such a situation: a lengthy discussion thread over at its support forum reveals that some N8 owners have dealt with a similar predicament for over a year now without a definitive fix. To be clear, we haven't noticed this issue in our day-to-day usage of the flagship Windows Phone device — unlike that pink-heavy camera sensor — and cranking up the brightness seems to quickly erase the purple haze on affected hardware. But for those that prefer a lower setting, Nokia isn't yet giving an ETA for the update.