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RIM could keynote CTIA show in October, good timing for BlackBerry 10 launch

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CTIA show director Rob Mesirow says that RIM could keynote its fall Enterprise & Applications show, which is timed well for a BlackBerry 10 device announcement.

Thorsten Heins
Thorsten Heins

In a conversation with CTIA's Rob Mesirow earlier today, we've learned that RIM will factor prominently into the trade organization's Enterprise & Applications show this year, scheduled for October 9th through the 11th in San Diego. Rob notes that RIM is moving toward its enterprise roots, and he believes that makes the show a good fit for a big BlackBerry presence. It's not just about an impressive booth on the exhibit floor, though — Mesirow says that the CTIA is "hopeful" that they'll secure the company for a keynote address. The fortuitous timing of the show is hard to ignore: RIM is expected to release its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone later this year, and a spotlight at an enterprise-focused mobile event could be seen as the right place to make a debut.

It's notable that RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has recently joined the CTIA's board of directors — a board long occupied by former co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, Mesirow notes — so it's clear that the company intends to take the organization seriously. Whether that ultimately translates to a big hardware debut at a show normally dominated by software and services, though, remains to be seen.