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California judge dismisses Proview's iPad trademark case

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A California judge has thrown out Proview's case against Apple over the iPad trademark.

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ipad back stock review

Proview Electronics took its suit against Apple over the iPad trademark to the US courts back in February, but it hasn't been to much avail — Reuters reports that Judge Mark Pierce in California has thrown out the case. Apple previously argued that the two companies had agreed to settle their differences in a Hong Kong court, and it was unclear on what grounds Proview ever brought the case to the US in the first place, so the move doesn't come as a big surprise.

Proview alleges that it was misled by Apple's use of a subsidiary to buy the rights to the iPad name for just £35,000 ($56,574) back in 2009, and is also suing Apple in China over rights to the iPad name. Apple maintains its position that Proview is reneging on a legitimate deal, but the Chinese company will now likely continue the trademark case in its homeland.