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HTC One X has messaging notification problem on 'very small number' of units, fix in the works

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HTC is looking to fix a problem with messaging notifications on a "very small number" of One X units.


Have you found that your HTC One X isn't always letting you know when you've received a text message? We've observed the problem on two units here in CTIA this week, and HTC is now confirming to us that it's a known issue on a "very small number" of retail phones. The symptoms are twofold: you won't see an incoming message notification in the status bar or a badge on your Messaging home screen icon after new texts roll in, which means the only way you'll know that someone is trying to reach you is by actually opening the app. Reports from posters on Android Central and xda-developers suggest that both AT&T and global versions are affected to some degree.

Though the problem appears to be intermittent, the downside is obvious: unless you remember to open the Messaging app from time to time, there's a risk of going hours or days without realizing that people are trying to get in touch. Fortunately, HTC has a software update already in the works — there's no timeline on the release, but we're told it'll be pushed "as soon as possible."