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Fujitsu adds 'nanoe' air purification and My Cloud service to refreshed Lifebooks

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Fujitsu has announced a new summer lineup of Lifebook laptops.

fujitsu nanoe laptop
fujitsu nanoe laptop

Fujitsu has announced its summer lineup of Lifebook laptops for Japan, and it's full of world firsts. First up is the "world's thinnest ultrabook," the UH75, which measures just 15.9mm at its thickest point. That's actually 0.9mm thicker than the last world's thinnest ultrabook we heard about from Acer, but then Fujitsu goes on to call it the "world's thinnest LCD notebook with an integrated hard drive," so perhaps it just needs to give Intel's ultrabook specifications another read. In any case, the laptop comes in red or silver and ships on May 17th with an Ivy Bridge processor.

Next up is the SH76, which can lay claim to the title of "world's thinnest 13.3-inch wide-format LCD notebook PC with an integrated optical disk drive" at 23.2mm at its thickest point and 16.6mm at its thinnest. Fujitsu claims nearly 14 hours of battery life for the laptop, which also has 128GB of SSD storage. Like the UH75, it'll ship on May 17th in Japan.

Helps reduce tobacco smoke, cedar pollen, and fungi in the workplace

Finally, and most unusually, the AH78 is apparently the first laptop in the world to include a "nanoe" air purification unit, which can help to reduce airborne fungi, viruses, smells, and allergens while neutralizing the smell of tobacco smoke and dispersing the cedar pollen that plagues many people every year in Japan. Fujitsu's internal testing in enclosed areas seems to have been successful, reporting 99 percent reductions in fungi, viruses, mold, and various allergens.

All these products will be tied together by My Cloud, a cloud service that Fujitsu is calling a "revolutionary new concept for PCs." We're not sure about that, as details are thin on the ground right now, but it includes support for Toshiba's FlashAir wireless SD cards and voice recognition software for sorting through photo albums. It looks like proprietary cloud services are becoming this year's essential item, but it remains to be seen how Fujitsu's solution will stand up next to the likes of LG, Acer, and Apple.