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Filed under: for Xbox Live launches in 18 new countries, CinemaNow adds on-demand TV and movies in US

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Microsoft has updated its CinemaNow app in the US for Xbox Live members and rolled out to 18 additional markets.

mlb tv split screen
mlb tv split screen may have launched in March for US, Canadian, and Mexican Xbox Live users, but Microsoft is pushing the service to 18 new countries around the world this week. Australia, Germany, UK, and other countries can now install premium to gain access to live and on demand Major League Baseball games.

In addition to the expansion, CinenaNow will now offer access to premium video content for rental and purchase. The free app, that requires Xbox Live Gold, also includes new release movies and TV shows. Microsoft recently revealed that Xbox entertainment app usage has doubled in the past year, surpassing multiplayer gaming on the console. With E3 on the horizon, and recent promotions of its range of entertainment apps to non-Xbox Live Gold members, we expect to hear about even more content deals and Xbox Live apps next month.