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Sony introduces Xperia SX and GX LTE Android 4.0 handsets for Japan

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Sony has announced the Xperia SX and Xperia GX LTE-equipped Android 4.0 smartphones, set for a Japan-only release this summer.

sony xperia sx
sony xperia sx

The Sony Xperia SX and Xperia GX have been announced this morning for a Japan-only release this summer. The Xperia SX (pictured above) certainly stands out from the rest of the Android market — it has a relatively small 3.7-inch display and as yet unspecified resolution, but unlike the similarly diminutive Xperia U and One V, doesn't compromise too much on specs. It features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage, and LTE connectivity.

The world's lightest LTE smartphone

Sony claims that the Xperia SX is the world's lightest LTE smartphone, and at just 95g we're inclined to agree. It also sits apart from the rest of the Xperia line in terms of design; available in black and white, the Xperia SX loses the sharp angles of the Xperia U, P, and S in exchange for iPhone-esque rounded edges and flat surfaces. It will run Android 4.0 with some modifications for the Japanese market, such as mobile wallet and mobile TV software.


The Xperia GX appears to be a repackaged Xperia Ion, sharing the same 4.6-inch display size, 1.5GHz dual-core processor clock rate, and 16GB of internal storage. The main differentiators are industrial design, Android 4.0 (the Ion is currently scheduled to launch with Gingerbread), and an upgraded 13-megapixel camera sensor. The design harks back to the Xperia Arc; its familiar concave back is juxtaposed with a flat glass front, and will be available in black and white. Similarities with the AT&T-bound Xperia Ion make the GX an unlikely candidate for a US release, but we hope that the SX will find its way over in some form.