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QQ Music launches on Chinese Sonos systems

Sonos users in China can now stream music to their systems from the QQ Music service.

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While Sonos users elsewhere have been able to stream music to their systems from Spotify, Pandora, Last.FM, Rdio, and many other sources, users of China's QQ Music service have been left out. That's all changed though, as Sonos has announced a partnership with QQ parent Tencent to bring its music streaming service to Sonos boxes. A Tencent representative described QQ Music as "the streaming pioneer of China," and that with Sonos, "our customers can now enjoy an easy-to-use, great sounding QQ Music experience at home."

It's in some ways an inevitable step for Sonos considering its promise to let you "stream all of the music on Earth." QQ Music currently offers an ad-supported service as well as a premium subscription which removes the ads, but it's not been made clear whether you'll need to pay in order to access QQ from your Sonos. A consumer preview is available now via your Sonos remote.

Update: Sonos has let us know that the free version of QQ is available on its devices for now.