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Surfaces wants to turn your entire living room wall into a television

Surfaces wants to turn your entire living room wall into a television


A company called NDS is working on a futuristic wall-sized television system called Surfaces.

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Television sets keep getting bigger, but for the folks at NDS they just aren't big enough — so they're building one that takes up an entire wall. Called Surfaces, Wired recently got a chance to check out a prototype of the futuristic TV set-up, which consisted of six LCD panels arranged in a rectangle to cover the majority of a wall. Surfaces' software was built using HTML5 and runs on Google Chrome, and the system can be controlled with a second screen — in this case an iPad — so that you can customize what you're watching and how you're watching it.

Shows can take up the entire screen or only part of it, widgets can be added to provide additional streaming information, and you can even have pre-defined set-ups for different times of the day or different family members. It's certainly impressive, but of course there are plenty of obstacles — not only is such a screen prohibitively expensive right now, it also requires a shift to 4K content. Still, the creators believe that we could see Surfaces reaching homes within the next five years. "In a few years' time, you'll be able to buy a TV that covers an entire wall, acting like wallpaper," NDS CMO Nigel Smith told Wired.