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An in-depth look into how HP lost its way

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Fortune provides a detailed, thoroughly researched account of how industry giant HP lost its way.

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By now, the polarizing tenure of Léo Apotheker and HP's fumbled acquisition of Palm have both been well documented, but James Bandler and Doris Burke delve even deeper into the company's history in a lengthy piece for Fortune. The Compaq merger, HP's oft-dysfunctional board of directors, the rise and sudden resignation of former chief executive Mark Hurd, and Meg Whitman's current efforts to steer the industry giant back to its former glory are all examined in detail. Naturally there's also plenty surrounding that abandoned decision to spin off the PC division. Behind-the-scenes fodder only enhances further the troubling portrait of how a tech mainstay lost its way. For example, one HP office had the lights shut off at 6PM each night, and workers were scolded for bringing in their own lamps. Even more bizarre? Apotheker's right-hand man Marty Homlish often addressed his boss as "my lord." It's an exhaustively researched piece, and it's well worth a read if you're interested in how HP got to where it is today.