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    Major SoundCloud redesign now in private beta

    Major SoundCloud redesign now in private beta


    Social audio platform SoundCloud is being redesigned with a new look, better search capabilities, and more strongly integrated social features. It is currently in private beta.

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    Social audio platform SoundCloud is getting a redesign. The site has just announced the launch of a private beta that's meant to be faster and more streamlined than its predecessor. "Next Soundcloud" cleans up and reorganizes the comments under tracks, making them less prominent, and creates a more unified profile for users. It adds a reposting feature, which looks similar to the current "Save to Favorites" option but apparently posts tracks on the main profile page rather than in their own section. Several other sections have also been made simpler and (hopefully) more intuitive, like continuous playing of single tracks while browsing or better searching.

    Overall, it looks like Soundcloud is going for a more unified, almost Facebook-style experience: it's moving from folder-style profiles to more page-like ones and has even added a live notifications section. You can see more at the Next Soundcloud section here and request access to the beta, although we're not sure how long the waiting period is at the moment. A public beta will be coming in the next few months, and the site should be switched over completely by the end of the year.