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Watch this: Japanese robot takes a beating, but keeps on standing

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A new demonstration video shows a Japanese robot that takes a series of kicks but manages to keep its balance each time.

robo legs screengrab
robo legs screengrab

The HRP3L-JSK robot may look like little more than a pair of legs, but it can do something a lot of robots can't — stay balanced. The bot can take a beating and stay standing, as demonstrated in this video in which a researcher repeatedly kicks it, only to find that the robot stays upright each time. The pair of legs is able to evaluate a possible 170 trajectories in one millisecond and can then use that information to determine the best possible reaction to being kicked in the robotic gut. Developed by the JSK Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, the robot can also run five kilometers an hour and even jump — though it looks like it's not up for landing just yet. We're not quite sure what the machine will ultimately be used for, but at this point all it really needs is a face to be truly terrifying.