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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD will not be released

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AT&T has canceled the launch of the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD announced at CES.

Samsung Skyrocket HD
Samsung Skyrocket HD

In a conversation with Samsung's Ryan Bidan today, we learned that the company's Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, announced at CES earlier this year, has been shelved. He explains that it simply didn't make sense in light of the Galaxy S III announcement, leaving the product "orphaned" in AT&T's lineup — it's hard to justify an updated 720p version of the existing Skyrocket with the S III on the horizon.

Is that an admission that the S III is on tap for AT&T, though? Bidan couldn't confirm what American carriers will be getting the phone, but he mentioned that it'll be coming to "the fastest HSPA+ and LTE networks" in the country — seemingly a reference to T-Mobile and either Verizon or AT&T. And in all likelihood, AT&T doesn't want to leave a hole in the portfolio left by the canceled HD.

Samsung has previously said that the Galaxy S III will hit the US in June, though it remains unclear which carrier will get it first; Bidan today simply told us "summer."