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How the sights and sounds of 'The Avengers' were made

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Delve deeper into the world of The Avengers with a look at how the images and sounds behind the film were created.

Nathan Schroeder Avengers concept art
Nathan Schroeder Avengers concept art

If the 143 minute runtime of The Avengers wasn't enough to satiate your appetite for the superhero group, we've got a pair of ways that you can dive even further into the film. First, concept artist Nathan Schroeder — who has previously worked on seven other Marvel films — has released a number of pieces that show his original vision for some of the sets and vehicles featured in the film. There are more than 30 images in all, and as Schroeder explains, he used 3D modelling technologies in order to craft sets that could be viewed from multiple angles. And for those who are more interested in the audio side of things, you can also check out a new mini-documentary featuring sound editor and designer Christopher Boyes, who talks about his work bringing the sounds of the film to life — including a discussion of how he managed to make The Hulk sound less like a monster, and more like a really angry man.