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Banking substitute Simple releases iPhone app

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Simple, a substitute banking system that promises online integration and money management tools, has released its iPhone app, which lets users check their balance, send payments and deposit checks, and find ATMs.

Simple iPhone App
Simple iPhone App

Simple, the substitute banking system that promises a full-featured and web-friendly way of using and tracking money, has released its first mobile app. Unlike either a traditional bank or a money management tool, Simple provides its users with a Visa card, then gives them detailed, instant data on each transaction. Transactions can be mapped and tagged, and electronic funds transfers let users send money. It also participates in the surcharge-free Allpoint ATM network.

The app, currently only for iPhone, includes similar features to the web interface: users get access to transactions, payment schedules, and ATM locations. It also looks like checks can be deposited straight from the app by taking a picture, and the interface far outstrips any other banking site or app we've seen, even letting you access it with a PIN rather than a username and password once you've signed in once. The app is free, but Simple is accessible by invitation only right now, so you'll want to check out the company's site directly if you're interested. Apps for the iPad and Android are apparently on the way as well.