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Afghanistan project aims to keep the art of the wooden camera alive

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The Afghan Box Camera Project is looking to raise awareness of a dying art form: the wooden instant camera.

Afghan Box Camera Project
Afghan Box Camera Project

While many of us like to ogle expensive, high-tech cameras, in Afghanistan some photographers still prefer to stick to a wooden instant camera called a kamra-e-faoree. According to the Afghan Box Camera Project, the cameras were actually banned in the country at one point, and as the art form slowly fades out of popularity, the project is hoping to keep it alive. "The aim of the Afghan Box Camera Project is to provide a record of the kamra-e-faoree," reads the project's site, "which as a living form of photography is on the brink of disappearing in Afghanistan."

The site not only features galleries of photos taken using the wooden camera, but also includes information on its history and videos that show you how to actually build one yourself. While some may debate the merits of more modern tools like Instagram, building your very own wooden camera is a great way to create some more authentic retro-style images — though it might be difficult to make your cat stay still long enough to snap a pic.