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Google Maps for Android gets Offers and indoor walking directions

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Google Maps for Android has been updated, adding the option to see nearby Offers in the US and indoor walking directions in the US and Japan.

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While iPhone users are exploring their redesigned Google+ app, Android users are getting a treat from Google in the form of a Maps update. Version 6.7 of Maps adds a few new features, although they're primarily US-only. Offers, for example, is being integrated for US users: tapping "Maps" and then "Offers" will bring up a list of nearby deals, which can be used instantly or saved for later. A similar feature was added to Google+ last year, but this doesn't require you to check in to use deals.

Google is also expanding the indoor maps that it debuted back in November. In the US and Japan, these indoor plans now get factored into walking directions, so you can see not only how to get to a building but how to navigate inside it. As with indoor maps in general, this is so far only available in "participating venues." Lastly, Google's added the option to see indoor business photos for all countries. Google's still working on getting its floor plans initiative going, but this update should make it a little more useful for customers.