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EU gives Google until July 2nd to address anti-competitive search practices, says The Guardian

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Google has been given a deadline of July 2nd to address its anti-competitive search practices in Europe, reports The Guardian.

European Commission
European Commission

The European Commission has given Google a deadline of July 2nd to make changes to its search practices, reports The Guardian. Last month EC Vice President for Competition Policy Joaquín Almunia outlined four areas of concern with regards to Google's search practices, which alleged that the company used its market dominance to stifle competition. Almunia's concerns followed an 18-month-long investigation that stemmed from complaints made by competitors including Microsoft. Initially Almunia said that the EC wanted to solve the issue without "adversarial proceedings," but the new report states that Google could be taken to court should it fail to address the concerns by the July deadline. However, in spite of this, the search engine giant appears to be confident that court won't be necessary, telling The Guardian that "we've have been co-operating with their investigation and... issues can be solved through conversation."