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Motorola launching triple-SIM QWERTY handset in Brazil

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A new triple-SIM phone with a QWERTY keyboard is launching in Brazil courtesy Motorola.

Motokey 3-Chip
Motokey 3-Chip

For those situations when a dual-SIM set-up just isn't enough, Motorola has announced a new handset called the Motokey 3-Chip, which supports three cards at once. The 3-Chip has only been announced for Brazil as of now, where it will sell for R$349 (around US$172). Aside from the three SIM slots from which it derives its name, the phone also includes a QWERTY keyboard, 2-megapixel camera, MP3 player and FM radio, and microSD slot. While it's not the first triple-SIM phone available, the 3-Chip is the first of its kind that Motorola has released in Brazil, where it's expected to go on sale starting next week.