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Microsoft prepping Xbox Smart Glass video control and streaming app for mobile devices?

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Microsoft is reportedly getting ready to unveil a new app called Xbox Smart Glass that will allow users of Windows, iOS, and Android devices to control and interact with video content on their Xbox 360.

xbox 360
xbox 360

Microsoft has teased that we'll see Xbox content come to "new families of devices" at E3, and according to one rumor that could include those running Android and iOS — courtesy of a new video streaming and control app supposedly dubbed Xbox Smart Glass. Engadget and have reportedly both seen slides from a Microsoft presentation in which the product is described as a companion app for Xbox Live that will run on Windows tablets, Windows Phone devices, and both Android and iOS. The app is said to provide shuttle controls for playing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding video content that is being played on the Xbox, as well as allowing users to search for new programs directly from the app.

Users are also said to be able to play video via the Smart Glass app itself, and then send that content to the Xbox for big-screen presentation — though it's unclear if the app will be able to do so with any video loaded onto a given device, or if it will work strictly with content streamed directly from Xbox Live itself. (Streaming video from one device to the Xbox 360 is already possible via DLNA solutions.) Additional interactivity will be provided for different applications as well — Zune Music is cited as one example — with all of Microsoft's major brand partners represented. The Smart Glass app will allegedly be unveiled next week at E3, and we'll be there to bring you all the details.