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RIM's NFC-enabled BlackBerry Music Gateway streamer now on sale

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RIM"s NFC-equipped music streaming device the Blackberry Music Gateway is now available to purchase for $49.99.

Gallery Photo: BlackBerry Music Gateway hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: BlackBerry Music Gateway hands-on pictures

The latest version of RIM's BlackBerry Music Gateway streaming device is now available to purchase. We were able to check out the tiny streamer when it was first announced at BlackBerry World 2012 back in April, and found it to be quite simple — there's no battery or display, you simply pair it up with your phone and you can start streaming music. What's interesting though, is that in addition to pairing up via Bluetooth, you can also just tap an NFC-enabled BlackBerry or Nokia phone to connect. It's a nifty feature, but we're not quite sure if it's enough to justify the $49.99 price tag (which is still cheaper than the $99.95 the original cost). But if you're interested you can pick up a Music Gateway now from the source link below.