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Vodafone to use palm scanners to protect charging phones during UK music festivals

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Vodafone's VIP Recharge Truck will use palm vein readers to secure charging phones during UK music festivals.

vodafone palm scanner
vodafone palm scanner

Starting this summer, Vodafone will be adding hand scanners to its VIP Recharge Truck, a phone-charging station for UK festival-goers. Capable of housing 2,000 phones, the truck will utilize palm vein readers to properly identify a device's owner, a technology that we've also seen with laptops and ATMs in Japan. Previously, the Recharge Truck and its staff used photos and wristbands to match a phone to its master, but dealing with lost wristbands and unidentifiable individuals created an inconsistent experience. With the palm vein readers, a music fan can have their hand scanned when they drop their phone off with the Recharge Truck staff, and then rescanned at the time of retrieval to verify ownership. The reader works by tracking and storing blood vessel patterns just under the skin, a method that Vodafone is confident will work even if your hands are "caked in festival mud."