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Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile getting ICS on June 11th

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T-Mobile has announced on its official Twitter account that its version of the Galaxy S II will be getting an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on June 11th.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S II (Hero 2)
T-Mobile Galaxy S II (Hero 2)

Rumors had indicated that T-Mobile was going to be upgrading its version of the Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich back in May, but now we have an official date from the carrier itself. According to T-Mobile's Twitter account, Android 4.0 will be coming to the Samsung phone on June 11th, but rather than being an over-the-air update like we've seen with many ICS upgrades, this one will come courtesy of Kies, Samsung's iTunes-esque companion software. The update will no doubt be welcome for owners of Samsung's former flagship, but with the Galaxy S III expected to launch just over a week later, it remains to be seen whether a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich will be enough to keep the urge to upgrade at bay.