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Former HP CEO Leo Apotheker ends up at French IT company Steria

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Leo Apotheker, HP's former CEO that was replaced by Meg Whitman after less than a year at the post, has recently been elected to the supervisory board of French IT company Steria.

apotheker air quotes
apotheker air quotes

Leo Apotheker lasted as CEO of HP for less than a year before being replaced by Meg Whitman last September. He hasn't been left hurting for employment, however: he's recently been appointed to the supervisory board of French company Steria. The move was approved by the company's shareholders at a meeting on May 15th. You may recall that Apotheker — who currently serves on boards for Schneider Electric and NGO Planet Finance, as well — was fingered as the individual responsible for the quick end to the three-year plan HP had for Palm after its 2010 acquisition of the company. As for Steria, the company's general manager François Enaud said that "given the widespread changes underway in our industry, Leo's expertise in strategic planning" would be an important asset for Steria.