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Watch these: Over 500 full-length movies you can stream for free

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Open Culture has put together a list of over 500 movies that can be viewed for free on the internet.

QWERTY keyboard Mac stock (1020)
QWERTY keyboard Mac stock (1020)

Open Culture has amassed a list of over 500 movies that can be viewed online right now for the low cost of free. The lengthy collection is divided into genres with films sourced from a wide variety of sites including YouTube, the Internet Archive, Crackle, and Veoh. There's a handy summary provided for each flick — which proves doubly useful since a fair amount of the content here is from years long gone by. One piece of advice: a quick skimming of the list (and sampling a few videos) makes it immediately apparent that some of these titles aren't supposed to be available for free, so you might want to watch the ones that stick out at you sooner rather than later. If somehow none of the selections catch your eye, Open Culture provides other web resources where you can tune into full-length films on the cheap.