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Andy Rubin denies rumor he's leaving Google, cites 900k Android activations per day

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Andy Rubin has denied a rumor floated by Robert Scoble that he's leaving Google for a startup called CloudCar.

andy rubin phones
andy rubin phones

Earlier today, Robert Scoble posted a rumor on his Google+ feed that Android boss Andy Rubin was preparing to leave Google to join a stealth-mode startup called CloudCar, a company that even the ultra-connected Scoble says he knows nothing about. The rumor was enough to get Rubin — who has only tweeted ten other times since joining Twitter in 2010 — to post his eleventh tweet, denying the rumor and taking the opportunity ("for meme completeness," he says) to point out that there are now over 900,000 Android devices activated daily, up moderately from the 850,000-per-day figure he'd mentioned at MWC in February. Of course, "no plans to leave Google" isn't the same as "not leaving Google" — and we still don't know what CloudCar is — but with Google I/O just days away, it seems unlikely that we'll hear any more on this for the remainder of June.

Update: Rubin explains on his own Google+ account that CloudCar occupies space in his Los Altos incubator, and that's apparently how Scoble's rumor got started. "See you on the 27th," he says, pointing to I/O's kickoff.