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Apple replaces Google Maps with its own maps, turn-by-turn navigation and traffic info

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Apple unveils its own mapping technology, Apple Maps, replacing Google Maps in iOS6.


Apple was widely expected to roll out its own replacement for Google Maps in iOS6, and today it's done that. Apple has just unveiled Maps. Since 2009, Apple has bought three mapping startups: Placebase, Poly9, and C3 Technologies -- the last two of which are 3D mapping companies. We do know that Apple is also making use of a lot of other companies' data for its maps too -- most notably TomTom.

Just last week Google unveiled new features including offline maps for Android and 3D mapping, at an event dedicated to mapping, which some people took as a clear sign that the company was feeling the weight of the impeding move by Apple to its own technology. From what we can tell, Apple's 3D features look a little better than what Google showed off last week but we'll have to see them both in action to be sure.

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