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Apple demos Safari 6 with iCloud tabs, Smart Search Field, and Tab View

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Apple has announced Safari 6 for [xxx] and [xxx] with [xxx] and [xxx].

Gallery Photo: Safari liveblog photos
Gallery Photo: Safari liveblog photos

Apple just demoed Safari 6 's new features — some of which we've already seen in our Mountain Lion preview — like a unified address bar and something called the Smart Search Field. This feature works like Google Chrome's Omnibox, where search queries can be lodged in the new unified address bar. Apple also demoed Safari 6's iCloud tabs, a tab-syncing mechanism that populates across devices using iCloud as the name implies. These tabs will be viewable in Apple's new Tab View interface, where tabs are laid out in an open plane that users can zoom in and out of. Safari 6 also takes advantage of Mountain Lion's improved Chinese dictionary and will provide the option of selecting Baidu as the default search engine.