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iOS 6 beta available to download today for developers

iOS 6 beta available to download today for developers


Apple is releasing a beta version of its iOS 6 software to developers today at WWDC 2012.

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Apple unveiled its latest iOS 6 software at WWDC today and developers will be able to download an early beta version for testing today. iOS 6 includes over 200 new features, with significant improvements to Siri — including sports information and scores, restaurant suggestions and ratings, integration with Rotten Tomatoes, voice-activated app launching, and the ability to Tweet via Siri. Apple is also introducing Siri for iPad and deep Facebook integration in iOS 6 with an improved tap to post feature built into the notification center that lets you post Twitter or Facebook updates.

Developers will be able to take advantage of the iOS 6 beta to add Facebook functionality to existing apps using an API, which also works on Apple's upcoming OS X Mountain Lion operating system. FaceTime has also been improved in iOS 6 with the unification of a cell phone number and Apple ID to allow FaceTime calls across Mac, iPad, and iPhone using just a number. FaceTime on iPhone will now also support cellular connections rather than just Wi-Fi. Developers can also test a new Passbook feature that centralizes boarding passes, movie tickets, loyalty cards, and more.

One of the more notable changes in iOS 6 is the removal of Google Maps integration, replaced with Apple's own Maps client. iOS 6 maps includes turn-by-turn navigation, Siri integration, and anonymous real-time crowd-sourced traffic incident reports. A Flyover feature also includes 3D models of cities around the world.

Although an early beta copy is available to developers today, Apple says iOS 6 will ship to devices in the fall.