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Aperture updated with Retina optimization and more, now shares library with iPhoto

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Apple has updated photo editing tool Aperture with support for Retina displays and several other features.

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Apple's done with today's WWDC announcements, but we're still going through the raft of updates that have just officially come through. The company has announced an update to Aperture that optimizes it for the just-announced MacBook Pro with Retina display. Besides this, it also incorporates a shared photo library for Aperture and iPhoto and automatically ports updates between them, so you can make an album or edit an image in Aperture and see the changes in iPhoto or vice versa. Some new photography tools have been added: you'll see white balance adjustments, better editing for shadows and highlights, and a new Professional Auto Enhance option. Browsing should be faster, with Aperture loading embedded photo previews in RAW images to show pictures before they've been fully loaded. We don't see it yet in the Mac App Store, but we don't doubt it'll be here soon.

Update: It's now available here for $79.99, the same price as before.