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Steve Jobs details drug use, phone hacking, and more in Department of Defense docs

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New documents from the Department of Justice reveal some further details of Steve Jobs' life.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Earlier this year the FBI released details from a background investigation on Steve Jobs, and now Wired has acquired a new document from the Department of Defense that provides a further glimpse into his early years. The document was filled out at some point during the late 1980s, and was part of a background check prior to giving Jobs a Top Secret security clearance. In it he discusses everything from concerns that his daughter may be kidnapped to extort money from him, to his drug use in 70s, to an arrest in 1975 for an unpaid speeding ticket. Jobs also writes about his time spent as a teenager with Steve Wozniak, in which the two built and sold blue boxes that made it possible to make long distance phone calls for free. "At the age of approximately fourteen," Jobs wrote, "it was a technical challenge, not a challenge to be able to break the law."