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Microsoft Office logo goes Metro, hints at 2013 release for Office 15

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Microsoft's Office 15 logo goes Metro, like its Windows 8 counterpart.

Office 15 (Office 2013) metro logo cnbeta
Office 15 (Office 2013) metro logo cnbeta

Microsoft has revealed very little about Office 15, its next-generation Office suite, but Chinese site cnBeta says the beta version, due in the summer, will include a Metro logo like its Windows 8 counterpart. We already know that Office 15 will feature some Metro elements, but will remain a desktop application instead of the new Windows 8 Metro style apps. The logo change would appear to fall inline with the company's broad adoption of Metro across its various products and services.

cnBeta's image also references a "2013 Preview" installer, indicating that Microsoft's Office 15 codename may eventually lead to a final name of Microsoft Office 2013. Microsoft is currently preparing a beta release of Office 15, with a promise that it will arrive over the summer. Early builds of Office 15 include a number of improvements and enhancements across each core application, with a Reading Mode and fullscreen feature designed to flatten areas for easier touch navigation. The company is widely expected to deliver a beta of the software later this month, following six months of Technical Preview testing with external testers under non-disclosure agreements.