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Apple launches annual Back to School promotion for new Mac and iPad purchases

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Apple today launched its Back to School promotion, giving new Mac and iPad buyers $100 and $50 in App Store credit, respectively.

ipad back_1020
ipad back_1020

Amidst the WWDC spectacle, Apple also today launched its annual Back to School promotion. Like last year, those in the education field purchasing a new Mac will receive a $100 App Store gift card which can also be used for other iTunes Store content. New for 2012 is a similar deal for iPad buyers, who will take home $50 in App Store funds. MacRumors was the first to report the inclusion of the iPad earlier this morning. Naturally, you'll need to be buying directly from Apple via its website or at a physical retail location to receive the bonus. If the source link below is giving you problems, it might be best to try back later on when the WWDC ferver dies down. You've got the entire summer to take advantage of this promo, after all.